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    What To Eat With Takoyaki?

    Among multiple famous Japanese seafood recipes such as sushi and sashimi, takoyaki has been able to make its position in peoples’ hearts as well. Some readers must have noticed several kinds of food items in the takoyaki images or recipe guides. Moreover, if you want to prepare this dish at home, it gets important to […] More

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    Toshiba Low Carb Rice Cooker Review

    Are you looking for a high-tech and quality rice cooker that lets you serve delicious recipes to a large family? When it comes to enjoying a healthy rice dish that not only makes you feel full but also is rich in good carbs, it gets challenging to find the best-suited rice cooker. It is especially […] More

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    Mitsumoto Sakari Sharpening Stone Review

    Got a lot of knives that have become dull and their blades need to come to life again? A knife is one of the important components of cutlery used to prepare food items for cooking. With time, blades start to lose their effectiveness, particularly those which you have been using for a while. Here, sharpening […] More

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    Mitsumoto Sakari Knife Review

    Are you looking for the best-quality knives for under 100 dollars? Whether you are fond of cooking and love to cook delicious items at home or are a professional chef, you have to make sure to add sturdy and durable cutlery which fulfills your needs. The main component of this collection is a knife upon […] More

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    Mishcdea Mini Rice Cooker Review

    When it comes to preparing different rice types such as brown and white rice, one cannot deny the importance of having a suitable rice cooker that helps develop the desired texture and flavor. Many readers might be getting into cooking rice recipes, while others are searching for a quality product after working with a conventional […] More

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    LEVINCHY Chef’s Knife Review

    Among all kinds of knives people use for preparing meals, a chef knife indeed has its value and significance. It lets the chefs and experts perform cutting, slicing, dicing, and chopping, (and whatnot) in ways that many others do not allow. Getting one from the market or online store can be challenging especially when there […] More

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    Is Takoyaki Healthy?

    If you are an anime fan, you must have seen your favorite characters relishing takoyaki which made you curious to taste it as well. Some might have been planning to visit Japan and takoyaki is on their bucket list. It is one of the famous traditional dishes of this country and is made with octopus […] More

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    How To Make Takoyaki Without Pan?

    Takoyaki is one of the popular and beloved recipes introduced by Japan to the whole world. Many of the readers have tried these delicious octopus balls from street stalls and have keenly observed the chefs showing their skills while the food gets cooked on a large black pan. Some have just seen it on the […] More

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    How Long Should A Kitchen Knife Set Last?

    Most of the readers might have struggled with preparing fruits, meat, vegetables, and other food items at least once due to some knives they have been keeping in their cutlery for months. It is common to experience difficulty due to some dull blades which sometimes make the tasks you love somewhat irritating and even dangerous […] More

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    Does Rice Cooker Use A Lot Of Electricity?

    One of the amazing inventions that have assisted people and professional chefs prepare a variety of recipes in less time is an electric rice cooker. Modern models of rice cookers allow you to cook multiple kinds of rice by offering convenience through digital controls and measuring the quantity of rice and water precisely which involves […] More

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    Can You Put Any Kind Of Rice In A Rice Cooker?

    Considering upgrading your cooking style and preparing multiple dishes of rice with minimal effort? Electric rice cookers are one of the incredible inventions that help people in the kitchen preparing delicious rice with the precise texture and fluffiness and can keep them warm for you for hours. However, before you bring a particular rice cooker […] More

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    Can Takoyaki Be Made Without Octopus?

    Have been seeing people enjoying takoyaki standing near the food stalls and craving to try it for ages? Takoyaki is a dish that includes crispy and fluffy octopus balls served right after deep frying or grilling them in a big takoyaki pan. With a variety of fillings, garnishes, and sauces, this Japanese fast food comes […] More

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