How To Make Sushi Using Molds

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Sushi is a Japanese cuisine that uses raw fish (sometimes cooked) vegetables and is typically served with sushi rice (short-grained rice seasoned with vinegar). In addition, they are served with wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and other accompaniments on the side.

The opening of the Kawafuku Restaurant in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo put Sushi on the map so much so that sushi has become a household name in the US. However, Sushi is not as easy to make, especially as a beginner. Mastering the sushi rolls needs practice and hands-on training. On the other hand, with a sushi mold, you can make your favorite sushi in an instant.

This blog takes you through the different sushi molds and making sushi using molds.

How To Make Sushi Using Molds?

What’s a sushi mold? Sushi molds are wooden or plastic molds used to make different kinds of sushi. In short, it is a cookie-cutter for your sushi, rice, and fish.

Some molds like the Nigiri Sushi Mold that creates up to 5 sushi rolls or the Onigiri Sushi Mold or the sushi triangle mold that makes classic triangle onigiri are more convenient. They are beneficial for beginners since they are difficult to shape by hand.

On the other hand, molds such as oshizushi mold or sushi press are required for making pressed sushi. It is used for pressed sushi which is a delicate process and requires expertise.

Sushi molds help shape the rice so that you can make perfect sushi all the time. While different sushi molds look and are used differently, they all work pretty much the same.

  • Place a nori sheet on the base.
  • Fill the mold with rice, up to 2/3rd of the container. Press the rice allowing the rice and the nori sheet to take the shape of the container.
  • Make space in the center for the fillings. Then, add your favorite vegetables and meat for your stuffing.
  • Cover the filling with rice. Ensure that they are packed tightly. If not, the rice is bound to collapse.

How Do You Use Sushi Triangle Molds?

Triangle molds are used to make Onigiri, which are rice balls with a delicious filling. The filling can vary from Japanese red plum to salted salmon, wasabi, or a mixture of tuna and mayo.

You can also make onigiri with the ingredients mixed with the rice. It is wrapped in a nori sheet before serving.

Onigiri can also take many forms from circles, cylinders, or the most famous triangular balls. Here’s how you make sushi in a triangle mold.

  • Wet your triangle sushi mold. This will prevent the rice from sticking and help remove the rice efficiently.
  • Place warm rice into the mold to a little below the halfway mark. Spread the rice evenly in the mold.
  • Make a small space for the filling. Then, add a tiny amount of filling.
  • Add more rice to the mold but do not pack.
  • Cover it with the lid and press to form the shape. There should not be too much give. If so, you may have to add more rice.
  • If you cannot close the lid, you may have too much rice.
  • Remove the lid and place the mold upside down. Press the center button to release the rice ball, which slides down smoothly.
  • Place ¼ sheet of nori at an angle at the top and bottom with the shiny side down.
  • Wrap the nori sheet by gently pressing down on the sushi. The wetness of the sushi rice will help the nori stick to the onigiri.


  • Ensure that you do not overstuff.
  • If using wet filling, squeeze out the excess liquid. The rice will fall apart if it gets soaked with the liquid from the filling.

How Do You Use Sushi Square Molds or Oshibako?

Sushi molds have always been a part of sushi cuisine. Though plastic molds are common nowadays, wooden molds, especially bamboo molds, have a special place.

The square mold consists of a wooden square mold with grooves in regular intervals. The mold rests on a removable board at the bottom with a top lid that acts as a pressing element to tightly pack the ingredients.

  • Assemble the sushi mold: place the square mold on top of the bottom board.
  • Line the mold with plastic wrap. It helps to remove the sushi effortlessly and also for easy cleaning.
  • Fill the mold with seasoned sushi rice. Use the top lid to pack the rice tightly.
  • Place your favorite vegetables(thinly cut) and seafood at the top.
  • Cover the assembled sushi with leftover plastic wrap; And gently press with the top lid.
  • Use the grooves to slice the sushi through the plastic wrap.

How Do You Use Nigiri Sushi Molds?

Nigiri sushi has a special place in history as the first dish to move from traditional rice preparation. Instead, it used rice vinegar and salt to prepare the sushi rice with a small slice of raw fish over the top. Nigiri Sushi means hand-pressed sushi. However, making delicate oval shapes is not easy when handmade, especially for beginners.

  • The nigiri sushi mold is made of plastic and has five cavities. Hence, you can make as much as five nigiri simultaneously.
  • Wet the nigiri mold and fill it with warm sushi rice. Ensure that the rice is filled to the top and not pack it in. Instead, spread the rice evenly in the mold.
  • Dampen the lid and close the mold. Apply even pressure and gently press on the top to shape and mold your sushi.
  • Open the lid and flip the mold upright on a plate. Press the holes in the bottom to slide the sushi out.
  • Apply a dab of wasabi on top.
  • Lay a sheet of nori with the shiny side facing up. Place a thin slice of salmon or tuna on top and cover it with the rice ball. Press the side with wasabi against the salmon.
  • Wrap the nori over the sushi with overlapping ends and trim the excess.
  • Flip it over, and your sushi is ready. Continue with the other rice balls.

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