Brentwood Rice cooker Review

Cooking Rice is not a problem. Almost everyone can do it. But, cooking perfect rice is not everyone’s Job. If you are a person who loves to eat rice every other day, you might feel great by avoiding all the fuss and struggle of constant looking and gas work.  

If that makes sense, you might love to have an easy to use and multifunctional rice cooker. Therefore, you can eat beautiful, fluffy and tasty rice whenever you want without any struggle.

Brentwood rice works very well, and is much more affordable than some of the higher-priced competitor rice cookers.

We all know there are tons of rice cookers in the market but, we found the most affordable and easy to handle rice cooker. We are proud to present our favorite Brentwood rice cooker review for you. So, you can prepare rice fast and easy in little time without adjusting gas and constant watching.

Without further delay, let’s go straight in details.

Best Brentwood Rice Cookers Review


Brentwood rice cooker works very well and is much more affordable than some of the higher-priced competitor rice cookers

Design and Material:

Brentwood rice has different models. Some of them are made up of stainless steel and some are made up of plastic. It has simple classic design which includes three different colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver

It doesn’t have any batteries in it along with any digital mode. Some of them have two functions a rice cooker and steamer. For steaming any meats or veggies.

Easy to clean and maintain

One of the best thing about Brentwood rice cookers is they are easy to clean and maintain. Consisting of 3 main parts inner pot, cooker and removable lid.

 You can easily remove the lid and inner pot for washing purpose. Inner pot has non sticky coat on it, so you don’t need to worry about any sticky rice or germs on it. Clean all parts with water and put them back in place.

  • No need to worry about the hustle of cleaning and washing.

Different Capacities:

Like every other rice cooker Brentwood rice cooker meets all the demands for preparing any quantity of rice. You multiple options whether you want Brentwood rice cooker 5-cup, 4 cups, 10 cups or 8 cups rice cooker.

It usually depends upon the person if it’s a big family you might like 10 cup rice cooker or 4 cup will do for a small family. Capacity is large and cooking rice becomes extremely effective.

Auto turn off Feature:

 This is the prime reason why we call it one of the best rice cooker because of its auto turn off feature. Which means that once rice is fully cooked it will automatically turn on warm mode and turn off cooking mode on without bothering you for constant watching.

Thus, rice will always be warm and ready to eat. This feature does prove effective because you don’t have to any hustle of gas and guesswork.

Necessary Accessories:

You would be please to know with Brentwood rice cooker, you will have rice measuring cup and serving paddle. Thus, it becomes easier for you to cook rice with measured quantity and paddle to stir the rice. Also, you don’t have to buy these essentials separately, save money and enjoy cooking rice.

Steamer Attachment:

Some of them comes with a steamer as well. Steamer is there to steam any meat or vegetables. Thus, you can do 2-in-1 multitask but, not all the products of Brentwood has this feature some of them have.


All Brentwood products have at least on year of warranty. It’s a wonderful opportunity to cook your rice in under 50$ for one year.  

  • You don’t have to buy expensive rice cookers that can cost you hundreds of bucks.


Q: How much is a Brentwood rice cooker?

These rice cookers are not expensive. You might end up saving 100$ dollars. They usual range is from 25 to 60 dollars. There is one model that cost around 279$. But, all others are under 100$. So, there is a perfect change for you buy some.

Q: How do you use a Brentwood rice cooker?

First off all, you rinse the inner pod with warm water to get rid of any germs. After, you pour cups of rice like 4 cups, 5 cups, or 8 cups depends upon the capacity of rice cooker. Pour some water in rice to wash away any starch. Repeat this step 2-3 times.

Cover the inner pod with lid. Place inner pod in the cooker and plug it in switch. Press the cook button and you rice will start cooking. After, cooking is done the rice cooker will automatically warm mode will turn on. This will keep your rice warm even if you are not watching.

Remove the lid and stir your rice with spatula and let it warm for 2-3 minutes. After that, enjoy some perfectly cooked, fluffy and deliciously cooked rice.

Don’t forget to thanks your rice Cooker.


Brentwood rice cooker is one of classiest in market. With our words, we’ve reviewed them and its worth of your money. You not only get a perfectly cooked rice but, also it’s cheap and affordable. You get the whole package in under 50 bucks which can prove effective for your budget if you love to eat rice with many other dishes in your daily routine.

It’s easy to clean and use, you have the capacity of 5cups, 8 cups, 10 cups rice depends on how much you want. If YOU have a party it can cook up to 15 cups of rice. With auto turn off feature your rice wouldn’t burned and they will stay warm and fresh.

You can buy any of the above rice cookers. Go ahead and get ready for perfectly cooked rice.

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