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CHACEEF Mini Rice Cooker 2-Cups Uncooked, 1.2L Portable Non-Stick Small Travel Rice Cooker, Smart Control Multifunction Cooker with 24 Hours Timer Delay & Keep Warm Function, Food Steamer, Green
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CHACEEF Mini Rice Cooker 2-Cups Uncooked, 1.2L Portable Non-Stick Small Travel Rice Cooker, Smart Control Multifunction Cooker with 24 Hours Timer Delay & Keep Warm Function, Food Steamer, Green
  • 2-Cups Uncooked Capacity: CHACEEF 1.2L mini rice cooker can cook up to 2 cups of uncooked white rice when use the standard 160ml...
  • Smart Control & 6 Cooking Function: This multifunctional rice maker features 6 cooking functions, white rice, brown rice, porridge,...
  • 24-hour Timer Preset & Keep Warm Function: This small rice cooker has a 1-24 hours Delay Start function, providing you more flexibility...

Are you considering bringing a suitable-sized and quality rice cooker to your home and have gotten your eyes on a CHACEEF rice cooker? This brand is one of the divisions of a registered Chinese company that manufactures a variety of cooking appliances such as microwaves, baking and roasting apparatus, tortilla presses, and much more. One of the excellent releases is a mini rice cooker available in green and grey colors. It is one of the several top-rated items by CHACEEF under 50 dollars.

With so many visually appealing cookers on the market, it gets difficult to buy one that is best suited for your needs. In this review, I have tried to focus on all the aspects of this cooker including its limitations to facilitate you in selecting this item from numerous other models and deciding if it is worth the purchase.

CHACEEF FB1201 Rice Cooker


When it comes to the construction of the CHACEEF Mini Rice Cooker, the body is made from sturdy metal that is highly resistant to heat. It has medium weight and comes with a compact design with an area of 59.28 inches. These aspects contribute to the item’s portability and provide comfort in adjusting in a small space on your kitchen’s shelf.

The pot inside used for keeping rice is made from non-stick and non-toxic material, which prevents the rice from adhering to the boundaries as well as ensures safe cooking. With a scoop available in the package, you can easily remove the cooked or steamed rice for serving. Furthermore, the product also comes with a detachable lid for the pot. There are multiple sensory controls on the front for controlling and handling the preparation process.


The manufacturers have included a range of features in the CHACEEF cooker, which allow you to prepare rice with great convenience in a maximum of 30 minutes. When going through the specifications of a cooking item, one mainly looks for the types of food items it can prepare to make the experience more enjoyable, time-saving, and hassle-free.

There is a total of 6 options for recipes or menus that this product offers to cook. These include white rice, porridge, brown rice, numerous stew recipes, soup, and to your surprise, cake. Therefore, it won’t be challenging for you to try delicious dishes and cuisines even if you are making them for the first time. With digital settings, you can control the levels of heat that are different for every recipe.

To guarantee that you taste the excellent flavor of rice, the heating mechanisms involve stages. The first one includes preheating functionality at high temperatures, allowing the grains to absorb sufficient water. Then, for some minutes, constant heat is supplied to the food,  rice is simmered at a high temperature, while some heat is kept in the food so that it stays warm.

Another quality worth the mention here is a timer that you can set between 1 to 24 hours for delayed cooking. It means that the preparation time is flexible and you can control it easily. It is especially helpful if you have just decided to go out for some work or you have a packed schedule. Just add the ingredients and adjust the preset before leaving your house and you can remove your hunger with a tempting dish as you return.

Microwaving the dish several times can be tiring and difficult when you are working and need to take a few spoonfuls of rice. With 12-hour heating functionality, you get to keep the food warm for a considerable period. Therefore, you can carry the cooker to the workplace or place it in your traveling bag before visiting someplace and enjoy the same warmth and aroma that you experience in your home.

The container inside the body is removable which makes it comfortable and for people to clean it and prevent the development of bacteria and other harmful germs.

Required Source For Cooker Functioning:

The CHACEEF preparation item comes with a sufficiently-insulated cable and requires 200 watts to run. You just have to connect it with the socket and it will do the whole job on its own.

Cooking Capacity And Suitability:

This cooker has the capacity of one-and-a-half liters which lets you cook 2 cups of grains if you are using a 160ml cup for measuring. In case the cup can keep half the volume of the standard rice quantity, you can prepare 4 cups of rice. It can fulfill the needs of a small family with four members at the maximum.

Since the assembly is lightweight, one can use it for traveling purposes as well. This, you can relish healthy and clean food during your journey with relatives or at the destination site as well.

Advantages And Limitations:


  • Easy to start and run
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Safe to use
  • Non-reactive inner
  • Multi-purpose cooking
  • Keeps rice warm for hours
  • Includes preset feature
  • Key opening prevents burns


  • Not suitable for large families
  • Recipes take long time to prepare
  • Small labels on controls

Frequently Asked Questions About Chess:

What is the benefit of using a rice cooker?

Rice cookers are preferred over other cooking appliances such as conventional pressure cookers due to qualities like preparation time, versatility in menu options, convenient cooking, alarms, and smart controls for adjusting the temperature.

How long do rice cookers take to finish?

The time that rice cookers take to finish the cooking depends on the model and the quantity of rice. Generally, most of them allow you to serve 12 cups of brown or white rice in 30 minutes.

Does the rice cooker have a timer?

Yes, almost every rice cooker that companies introduce now include the timer which allows automatic finishing of the heating process once a particular dish gets ready.

Final Thoughts

CHECEEF Mini Rice Cooker features a minimalist and compact design that not only makes this item look cool but also functions exceptionally well in attractive price. Here’s hoping that I have assisted you in knowing this appliance inside and out through this 10-minutes read.

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