Top 10 Knife Sharpening Stones On Amazon

A kitchen knife is one of the important components of cutlery without which people might not have been able to prepare delicious recipes and cuisines. Here, something that takes the cutting experience to another level is the whetstone which sharpens the knife at the required angles and allows you to keep this item for long periods. It becomes challenging to purchase the best-suited product for personal or business purposes when multiple sharpening stones having different grit numbers are available in the market.

To help you with the research and thinking process, I have mentioned some of the best stones that brands are promoting on Amazon. Not only do they come at attractive prices, but also are convenient to use while producing satisfactory results.

10 Best Knife Sharpening Stones On Amazon

1. Sharp Pebble 2 Side Grit Premium Whetstone For Knife

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Waterstone- Whetstone Knife Sharpener- NonSlip Bamboo Base & Angle Guide
  • ✅ Premium Quality: Not all sharpening stones are created equal. We only import & source premium quality material for the...
  • ✅ Superior Bundle: Sharp Pebble knife sharpening kit comes with double-sided (#1000/ #6000) whetstone knife sharpener, Real...
  • ✅ Safety: We understand the importance of safety when using sharpening stones for knives, your purchase comes with a rubber base for...

Premium knife sharpening stone by Sharp Pebble is among the most popular products that are loved by chefs as they assist them in showing their magic through their dishes, especially meat items. It is made of high-quality Aluminium oxide and corundum along with other elements that contribute to fine gritting.

The kit comes with two grit sides of 1000 and 6000 numbers, for sharpening and honing the knife, respectively. The manufacturers have also considered customers’ safety along with the item’s performance by adding a silicon holder and base made of bamboo. These parts let you keep the assembly in place and avoid slipping, which otherwise can be risky.

Readers must be familiar with several kinds of knives such as chef knives, santoku knives, and paring knives. Whatever the knife you are using, this whetstone will help you sharpen the blade due to its multi-purpose design. When it comes to connecting the parts, the instructions are pretty simple and comprehensive. Things get easier when you also receive an angle guide, that allows you to determine the precise position of placing the blade.


  • High quality
  • Average price
  • Same performance for a long time
  • Also suitable for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Guide for locating the blade

This stone is a good option for people who either love cooking at their homes or preparing dishes in restaurants. You just have to soak Premium stone in water for a few minutes, which also saves your time and money as you do not have to arrange for special oils every other month. Furthermore, it is also suitable for beginners as it offers convenience.

2. Norton Knife Oil Sharpener With Coarse/Fine Combination

Norton Knife Sharpener Combination Grit Oil Stone - Sharpening Stone with Fine/Coarse Combination
  • This combination knife sharpener stone has a dual side sharpening system, one side with 100 grit stone for repairing cutting edges and...
  • This sharpening oil stone is great for efficiency in repairing and maintaining the razor sharp edges needed for key at home tools,...
  • This sharpening stone is prefilled with oil to allow lubricant to stay on the sharpening stone surface while sharpening

Looking for a knife blade sharpener on a restricted budget without compromising the proper functioning and quality? Norton has been producing a variety of these stones, a majority of which come at affordable prices. One of such items is a Norton Oil Sharpener.

If you have a set of dull or old and fast-cutting knives, you might be thinking that you will have to get different kinds of stones for each kind of kitchen knife. However, in this case, Norton has solved your problem. This oil stone includes both coarse grit surface (100 grit) as well as fine grit material (280 grit) on the other side. A coarse area will help you deal with the rough blades, while fine grit will do the required tuning.

The material has corundum for best outcomes, while the larger dimensions yet its lightweight property makes it comfortable for you to carry it. In addition, the grit is highly resistant to wear, which promotes its longevity.


  • Attractive cost
  • Includes fine and coarse grit
  • Best for small-scale preparations
  • No chances of corrosion
  • Fast cutting
  • Do not wear quickly

The designers have already soaked this product when it arrives, which saves much time and effort for people. It is an excellent choice if you want to sharpen the knives with straight edges and works for several blades such as in BBQ knives. If you are a fan of cooking meat and other recipes or know someone who might need it, then there is a potential that you add this budget-friendly combination stone to your cart.

3. Diamond Machine Technology Double-Sided Stone With Base

Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) 8-in. DuoSharp Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone Bench Stone, Fine/Coarse Grit Sharpener with Base (WM8FC-WB)
  • Diamond Wet Stone Sharpening Kit: An excellent counter and bench sharpener, this precision flat, two-surfaced diamond stone comes with...
  • Dual Diamond Surface: Coarse diamond (45 micron / 325 mesh) quickly restores neglected edges; Fine diamond (25 micron / 600 mesh) hones...
  • Versatile: Engineered with a larger, wider diamond surface for sharpening a variety of knives and edges, this diamond stone sharpener...

Another item that I consider mentioning in this list is an 8-inch whetstone introduced by Diamond Machine Technology or DMP store. This product is best for dealing with numerous knife types, including a hunting knife, paring knife, boning knife, putty knife, fillet knife, and pocket knife. Therefore, people can conveniently use this stone for various purposes.

When it comes to the build-up the company has undoubtedly focused on using highly durable premium materials. The diamonds in the stone are small-sized and mono-crystallized. It contributes to a uniform smooth surface that prevents the shedding of diamonds (as in poly-crystal forms), along with providing uniform sharpening of the blade.

With options for both maintaining the more difficult knives that need a bit of aggressive rubbing and newer ones, this model gives you more control. The fine part is 25 microns, while the coarse diamond surface is 45 microns. Its medium weight might give rise to queries regarding the stone’s strength and quality. However, one of its prominent features is sturdiness and powerful material.


  • Fast cutting diamonds
  • Uniform cutting at all angles
  • Coarse and fine grits
  • Convenient to use
  • Suitable for various knife blades
  • Strong base for great grip
  • Medium price

This product is perfect for home-based cooking as well as professional cooking. It is also suitable for hunting small animals. I highly recommend this product due to the several benefits it offers and its impressive micro-diamond technology.

4. ShaPu Whetstones Premium Knife Sharpening Set

Premium whetstone knife sharpening set | Total of 8 grits stones to sharpen any tool, knife or pocket knife - Includes 8 whetstones, carrying case, acacia wood base, flattening stone and angle guide
  • ✅ SUPERIOR BUNDLE WITH CASE: Your complete knife sharpening kit comes with 4 double sided premium quality whetstones (240/800,...
  • ✅ THE PERFECT UNIQUE GIFT - If you're generously shopping for other home cooks or professional chefs, you should know that our...
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE USE : Our professional grade knife sharpener stone is highly durable & long lasting. This whetstone sharpener can...

ShaPu has released a bundle of four high-performance whetstones that come inside a strong and classic case. All these stones offer both coarse and fine grit regions that contribute to ease and convenience. The maximum numbers for coarse and fine sharpening areas are 5000 and 10,000 respectively, which offers great accuracy.

Another property that is worth the mention here is the use of premium Acacia wood as a stand and silicon as a base for these stones. This stand prevents slips by providing excellent friction between the assembly and your hand, while the floor keeps the product in place and does not let it slide on the surface beneath.

Furthermore, this product requires you to dip it in water which gives two main benefits: preparation of stone for working in a few minutes and zero chances of rust development. Therefore, you can use this item for cutting the hardest foods without struggling and continue to polish the blades without having to worry about their durability.


  • Cuts in not time
  • Uniform cutting at all angles
  • Convenient to use
  • Suitable for various knife blades
  • Strong base for great grip
  • Attractive cost
  • Angle guide available in kit
  • Both coarse and fine grits

This kit is worth the purchase if you are considering sharpening fillet knives, paring knives, chef knives, pocket knives, and many others. However, one might face some difficulty while flattening the whetstones with a flattening item. The same is the case with the angle guide, which can be challenging for beginners. Still, the pros outweigh the limitations. So, I can safely say there is nothing wrong with trying these stones.

5. LANBAOSHI Dual Sided Water Stone With Angle Guide By Woodcraft

Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker
  • 6-cup cooker/steamer and warmer steams foods to perfection and keeps them warm
  • Stainless steel steaming tray and removable, easy-to-clean, nonstick inner cooking pan
  • See-through glass lid and automatic keep-warm function that activates immediately after food is cooked

Another high-selling sharpening stone is LANBAOSHI whetstone which includes two sides, each for coarse and fine-tuning and maintenance. This item includes stone made from excellent quality white corundum by skilled staff after performing several tests to ensure its durability. The white coarse part is 1000 grit, while the blue fine area is 6000 grit, allowing you to renew and enhance the cutting abilities of both old and new knives.

Generally, damaged and rusted knives are also among the factors that cause health issues due to the entry of unwanted particles and dust into food items. With this stone, you will be able to polish and clean any kitchen knife and protect your family from getting sick.


  • Uniform cutting
  • Convenient to use
  • Suitable for various knife blades
  • The strong bamboo base for great grip
  • Attractive cost
  • Angle guide available in kit
  • Both coarse and fine grits
  • Best for beginners

In case your budget is limited or you are looking for stones under 50 dollars, I highly suggest going through more details of this amazing item. It is suitable for chef knives, hunter knives, fillet knives, BBQ knives, and pocket knives as well. Try using this stone and notice the increase in the shelf-life of your knife blades.

6. WÜSTHOF Gourmet Tri-Stone Sharpener

WÜSTHOF Gourmet Tri-Stone Sharpener
  • Includes: Coarse (240#), medium (1000#) and fine (3000#) stones, holder, 30ml water bottle
  • Manufacturer: Wüsthof
  • Material: Stone, wood

Want an exceptional knife sharpener that is both ergonomic and versatile? Then, WÜSTHOF Gourmet Tri-Stone Sharpener might be the one perfect for your needs. The kit comes with a stone for three types of sharpening requirements and includes medium grit, coarse grit, and fine grit, the fine grit being ideal for high-degree tuning of the blade.

The main material used in this tool is ceramic which facilitates you completing your job in a few moments. The manufacturers have also included a nice-looking water bottle for soaking the stone. Both come in a classic wooden box. Moreover, the assembly has a holder which lets you firmly grip the product while sliding the knife in opposite directions.

However, you need to take care of the fact that it might not be suitable for knives with a 10-degree bevel. In addition, you should place the blade at appropriate angles so that the stone does not damage and scratch it.


  • Uniform cutting at all angles
  • Convenient application
  • The medium and attractive cost
  • Suitable for several knife blades
  • Strong silica base
  • Sufficient length and width
  • Coarse, medium, and fine grits

This tri-stone option is perfect for home-based cooking and brings old blades into the condition in which you bought them. You can also gift this item of value to your relatives or friends who are into preparing cuisines.

7. SHARPAL 104N Professional 5-in-1 Kitchen Chef Knife

SHARPAL 104N Professional 5-in-1 Kitchen Chef Knife & Scissors Sharpener, Sharpening Tool for Straight & Serrated Knives, Repair and Hone both Euro/American and Asian Knife, Fast Sharpen Scissor
  • ✅VERSATILE & PROFESSIONAL – This 5 stage sharpener is the most versatile kitchen knife and scissors sharpener! Not only quickly...
  • ✅EXCLUSIVE SCISSORS SHARPENING DESIGN – Patent pending specially designed tungsten carbide blade for sharpening scissors quickly...
  • ✅2 DIFFERENT PRESET OPTIMAL SHARPENING ANGLE – As blades vary from different angles, to fulfill the best sharpening performance for...

SHARPAL is among the top brands for designing sharpening stones for various kinds of knives and has gained popularity due to its great service and output. Not only this, but these products are also ideal for honing the blades of tools such as scissors. One of its items worth the mention here is 104N Professional 5-In-1 Kitchen Chef Knife.

It includes two grits: coarse and fine. The first one is made of tungsten carbide, which is famous for its quick sharpening and cutting properties, while the latter is of ceramic material. Tungsten carbide is known to renew the dullest blades without scratching them. Moreover, probably the quality that makes it stand above numerous stones is an option for both knives with straight edges and the Asian knives that are built differently. It allows you to utilize the same tool for various designs and bevels. You can tune Santoku items as well.


  • Uniform cutting
  • Convenient to use
  • Suitable for various knife blades
  • Strong base for great grip
  • Angle guide available in kit
  • Coarse and fine grits
  • Also ideal for honing

The rubber floor contributes to the non-slip feature. For customers’ comfort, the angle for sharpening the blade is already set, which is extremely helpful for those who have just begun maintaining their knives. I highly recommend this product especially if you have a collection of a variety of knives.

8. Huanlemai RUIXIN PRO RX-008 Kitchen Knife Whetstones

Knife Sharpening Stone – Dual Sided 400/1000 Grit Water Stone – Sharpener, Polishing Tool for Kitchen, Hunting, Pocket Knives or Blades by Whetstone
  • DUAL SIDED WHETSTONE – Made from durable silicon carbide, this two-sided sharpening block comes with both a 400-grit side, used for...
  • WATER STONE – This stone is meant to be used with water, not oil. Simply soak stone for 5-10 minutes before use, and lubricate with...
  • MULTI USE TOOL – This whetstone can be used as a one-stop shop for any item you want sharpened and polished, including kitchen...

RUIXIN PRO RX-008 Whetstone for kitchen knives is highly convenient to use and is used to handle blades that do not need much rough treatment and are not old. The is made of good-quality stainless steel that keeps it safe from rust due to frequent contact with water. Moreover, it is also resistant to heat.

It comes with a clamp that allows you to fix the stone in one position. This item also adjusts on any surface such as the table so that you can start the procedure easily. Furthermore, the arrangement also lets you flip the position so that you can sharpen each side with comfort. To set the accurate angle, just loosen the screw of the rod and adjust it yourself in no time.


  • Good for fine-tuning
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for multiple knives
  • Comes with a vertical clamp

One might need to look for an angle guide from the market since the direction setting can take some time and need great focus. It is a better option, especially for beginners. Moreover, the space in a clamp is a bit wide which makes it unsuitable for fitting small objects. Overall, the SHARPAL Water stone is a good choice in terms of performance and versatility.

9. Whetstone Cutlery Dual-Sided Knife Sharpening Stone

Knife Sharpening Stone – Dual Sided 400/1000 Grit Water Stone – Sharpener, Polishing Tool for Kitchen, Hunting, Pocket Knives or Blades by Whetstone
  • DUAL SIDED WHETSTONE – Made from durable silicon carbide, this two-sided sharpening block comes with both a 400-grit side, used for...
  • WATER STONE – This stone is meant to be used with water, not oil. Simply soak stone for 5-10 minutes before use, and lubricate with...
  • MULTI USE TOOL – This whetstone can be used as a one-stop shop for any item you want sharpened and polished, including kitchen...

Another item you might consider purchasing for taking care of your cutlery is a sharpening stone introduced by Whetstone Cutlery. It is ideal for removing damaged edges and restoring them, bringing shine to three blades.

It includes two sides: fine grit and coarse grit for performing different levels of sharpening. The visually appealing light green area represents the side for immediate treatment of knife blades in an average state, while the darker one is best for dealing with significantly rough blades.

The material that this company has chosen for making this item is good quality silicon carbide. This compound makes the stone highly durable and prevents wear and tear or breaking of the stone. It will help you achieve the desired texture and smoothness in almost ten minutes.

In addition, you have to simply submerge this item in some water for a few minutes to lubricate it. It means it saves you from the hustle of arranging a suitable oil for the stone and handing over a few bucks.


  • Shows prominent results
  • Inexpensive option
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for multiple knife kinds
  • Stand available for fitting stone
  • Suitable for hunting purposes

You won’t face any issues while using this stone for knives with different edges such as chef knives, pocket knives, hunter knives, fillet knives, and BBQ knives. I highly recommend checking out this product.

10. Shapton Ceramic Sharpening Stone KUROMAKU With 5000 Grit

Whetstone Sharpening stone SHAPTON Ceramic KUROMAKU #5000
  • Color: Wine
  • Body size: 210 ~ 70 ~ 15 mm
  • Item No .: K0704

Shapton is a popular and leading Japanese name that has made its way to one of the top brands in the tool sharpening field. With great power, it successfully improves the feel and condition of blades in scissors, knives, and chisels without producing a slippery texture.

The higher grit number of 5000 contributes to the finest sharpening and restoration of your knife without damaging the edges. This high-quality ceramic whetstone is specifically built for dealing with the roughness, that is dull and old knives, and works wonders without any struggle on your side.


  • Shows noticeable outcomes
  • Available under 50 dollars
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for several knife blades
  • Stand available for fitting stone
  • Suitable for hunting purposes
  • Need less maintenance

This product is an ideal choice for getting a variety of finishes for edges such as mirror finish, which is challenging to get with most of the sharpening stones in the stores. Moreover, it works exceptionally well with steel knives and polishes them to a great extent. Due to its weight of almost one-and-a-half ounces, you can easily carry it without worrying about dropping it down. Also, if you are into hunting small animals, you might love the outcomes of this stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is whetstone made of?

Some of the widely used materials to build whetstone are abrasive materials like tungsten carbide, ceramic material, silicon carbide, diamonds (either mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline), and aluminum oxide.

Can you use any oil on a sharpening stone?

It is better to guarantee that the oil will not damage a particular stone. Some of the lubricants that you can choose include vegetable oils such as corn oil, rapeseed oil, and Krud Kutter.

Can I use WD-40 on my sharpening stone?

Yes, a person can apply WD-40 to sharpen and lubricate the stone. It helps maintain the stone’s strength and improves its life as well. It also assists you in removing any stains or marks on the blade after you are done with your task.

Final Thoughts

Here’s hoping I have successfully shared sufficient knowledge about some of the best oil and water stones for sharpening your knives. It will also be beneficial as it will help you compare the specifications and pros of these products. Whatever item you choose to add to your cutlery, it is also necessary to keep your specific needs or priorities in mind while looking at the features of stones so that you check out some products rather than every stone. Even if you do not select from the products listed above, this post will give you a basic idea of characteristics that should be in a stone worth the purchase.

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