Aomiesen Magnetic Knife Holder Review

When it comes to storing cutlery, it is essential to keep and store the razor-sharp knives in an appropriate place rather than maintaining the entire collection in the same box. Doing this not only protects your hands from getting seriously injured but also allows you to take proper care of the cutters you use regularly. There is a wide variety of attractive wooden knife holders in the market and selecting the best item for all kinds of knives might get challenging since one has to consider several aspects. Among the companies that manufacture these storage places, Aomiesen is also a well-known and beloved name.

In this piece of writing, I have tried to focus on every factor of the Aomiesen Magnetic Knife Holder, whether it is a feature or limitation, to assist you to get familiar with this product. I hope this review helps you decide if you are purchasing this product shortly.

Aomiesen Magnetic Knife Holder And Cutlery Organizer

Formation And Design

In terms of construction, the product includes a wide shaft of Acacia wood for organizing the kitchen knives. Its length is 9 inches, while its width is 10.5 inches. In this part, there is a built-in permanent magnet on each side of the block to keep the tools in their specific and original spots. In addition, it is polished with vegetable oil to achieve maximum smoothness which also brings a shine to the wood. On the bottom, the company’s name is carved for enhanced visual appeal.

To hold the weight of the large organizer, the designers have provided it with a stable and firm base. This broad portion is made of good-quality stainless steel and has a unique build-up that contributes to its anti-skid property.

The total area covered by the holder is less due to its compact construction, which makes you easily adjust it on the counter or shelf. Also, its minimalistic design adds grace to the kitchen and looks cool as well with different knives attached to the block.


As you know now that the developers chose Acacia for designing this item, it is essential to know its properties such as strength too. This material is popular in making different tools and contributes to the sturdiness of those products such as dining tables.

Moreover, it is known for extremely high density which provides stability to the items. While placing any products that come in contact with the food, one cannot ignore the factors of cleanliness and health of family members. Acacia has a natural ability to deal with harmful microorganisms, particularly bacteria. It means that you can prepare meat items, salads, and veggies without having to worry about the safety which is taken care of in the case of the Aomiesen knife holder.

The strong attractive force in the holder comes from a neodymium magnet that can store multiple knives without making you stressed about falling over due to the weight. The structure and thickness of the base also help aid in balancing the product on the surface and allow you to place the tools safely without any shaking.

The product also helps you keep the knife blades sharp and fine since it is only the broad parts that touch the wooden surface. It helps to maintain the effectiveness of the cutting edge and thus secures it from getting dull. Make sure that the surface is clean before you attach any knife.


The board material is highly strong, does not scratch or stain easily, and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Since it does not let any mold or other fungus grow, one gets to use this knife holder for a long period. Furthermore, Since accidental water spills are common in places like kitchens, there is a possibility that the wooden block comes in contact with water. Acacia also has the excellent waterproof ability and prevents its absorption. This characteristic minimizes the potential warping and deformation in wood. All these qualities increase the longevity of the organizer to a great degree.

However, some aspects need consideration to ensure that the product stays with you for years. One should not wipe the surface aggressively while cleaning it. Also, one should avoid placing the item in an intense sunbeam which can negatively affect the magnetic support. Rinsing with the steel wire should also be avoided.

The strong stainless steel support of the holder is also made to be wear-resistant and protects the material from intense heat, moisture, and external pressures.

Capacity And Suitability

The Aomiesen knife holder has enough capacity to hold a maximum of 8 large knives easily. The magnet can be used to hold multiple types of knives such as chef’s knife, cheese knife, BBQ knife, Sakumoto knife, paring knife, and fillet knife. However, one might struggle a bit with very small knives with thin blades.

Advantages And Limitations


  • Sturdy and water-proof holder
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly item
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Ergonomic
  • Resistant to germ growth
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Offers large area
  • Ideal for multiple knife kinds


  • Slightly bent support
  • Does not hold small knives well
  • Difficulty in holding tapered blades

Frequently Asked Questions About Knife Holders

What are 3 proper places to hold knives?

Three suitable places to hold and store knives are knife holders, wooden knife blocks, and magnetic holders (with or without wall mounts).

Do people still knife blocks?

Yes, a large portion of people stores their knives in wooden knife blocks which have slots for every tool to keep them separate.

Do magnets dull knives?

No, the magnet in the knife holders does not damage the blade as it is not extremely strong. However, one can potentially damage the knife if it is dragged and pulled off in a rush often.

Final Thoughts

This post reviews one of the successful models of Aomiesen, that is, a magnetic knife organizer. It has numerous attributes that outweigh the limitations or disadvantages and can be a great addition to your kitchen shelf. In my opinion, it might be an excellent choice for you at the designated and medium price.

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