Does Rice Cooker Use A Lot Of Electricity?

One of the amazing inventions that have assisted people and professional chefs prepare a variety of recipes in less time is an electric rice cooker. Modern models of rice cookers allow you to cook multiple kinds of rice by offering convenience through digital controls and measuring the quantity of rice and water precisely which involves minimum effort. However, since every electric appliance runs on some power to function properly, the same is the case with these products as well. Sufficient knowledge about the running cost of rice cookers and the factors that affect this figure is extremely beneficial in predicting the impact on finances as well as selecting an appropriate cooker.

Generally, a rice cooker does not draw much electricity and can prepare the food with medium voltage and amperage. It consumes somewhat between 500-700 watts of power from the source when in heating mode. As the grains are prepared, it draws only 25-45 watts while keeping the food warm.

In this piece of writing, I have listed and explained all the factors that affect the amount of current and voltage your rice cooker is going to utilize. Moreover, I have also included an example of a rice cooker model to help you get familiar with this topic better.

Factors Governing The Electricity Use In Rice Cookers

Size Of Cooker

The amount of volts and wattage and the price associated with it depends on the size of the rice cooker. The more the area and dimensions of this product, the more power it needs to run and cook the grains or oatmeal properly. It is mainly because larger rice cooking appliances have more powerful systems, and their heaters and thermostats have to use more strength to bring the water in the basin or pot to the boiling stage.

On the other hand, smaller rice cookers also have small-sized components which are slightly less powerful than that of the bigger cookers involved in the heating mechanism. Therefore, they do not have to draw much electricity since they can heat and prepare a specific quantity of rice with less power per hour.

Capacity Of Inner Pot

The use of wattage also depends on the capacity of a non-stick pot inside the rice cooker. If a rice cooker allows you to cook a quantity of rice sufficient to feed 10-12 people, it will surely consume more power as compared to the item that prepares fewer cups of cooked grains and feeds 5-6 people.

Since the rice cookers with larger capacity are dealing with more quantity of food items, the manufacturers build stronger cooking and heating systems so that you get to enjoy perfectly cooked rice with the accurate texture and desired flavor.

Model Of Rice Cooker

The way a rice cooker is built and the technology used in this appliance also impacts the amount of electricity it is going to draw when you bring it to your kitchen’s shelf. Usually the better the quality of the materials and the assembly, the more energy-efficient a rice cooker is. Also, companies are focusing on developing the models that function using eco-friendly technology and involve less footprint from boiling the water to warming the rice to allow their customers to save electricity.

Use Of Rice Cooker Per Month

The yearly electricity bill indicates the cost of all electrical units based on how much you have used them. Similarly, the number of watts and volts related to the rice cooker along with the operational expense depends on how frequently you cook rice for meals.

If you regularly use this product, you will have to pay more than those who used it weekly or once in a while. The contribution becomes approximately 50 dollars if you run a cooker every day that draws around 627 watts each time you use it. The stage that consumes the most proportion of power from the overall consumption is heating the water you add until it starts bubbling.

Period Of Keeping Rice Warm In Cooker

You might be aware of the ‘warm’ function each rice cooker has which allows you to keep the rice warm for a particular period, which is mostly 12 hours. Since the appliance is still functioning at this stage, it will draw some energy to continue sending the heat to the food. The longer the period of leaving this setting on, the more the wattage your rice cooker is going to draw. Usually, for most of the large rice cookers, if you keep this control on for an hour, the cost associated with this phase will be around 2 dollars per day.

Example Of Electricity Consumption By Rice Cooker

CHACEEF Rice Cooker

A mini rice cooker by CHACEEF has the capacity of preparing 2 cups which one can serve to two-three people. It has a capacity of about one-and-a-half liters in its inner pot. For preparing this amount, this product utilizes 200 watts of electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Cookers

How many watts does a mini rice cooker use?

The small rice cookers use appropriately 250-400 watts which equals 3 amperes.

How energy efficient is a rice cooker?

Electric rice cookers are highly efficient in preparing rice with less consumption of electricity than other cooking appliances. The reduction in use can be as much as 50%.

How do you add water to a rice cooker?

After measuring the quantity of water with the help of instructions or graduated markings in the inner pot, you can add water to the container to soak rice and use it to cook rice as well.

Final Thoughts

Here’s hoping that I have been able to convey adequate information on the power usage by electric rice cookers. Even in the case where a family uses a rice cooker daily to prepare a range of dishes, the power consumption is significantly less than other devices in the house that run on electricity as it is only plugged in for a maximum of 40-50 minutes. Thus, the percentage of energy that a rice cooker consumes in this situation is still not more than 1% of the total electricity consumption per annum.

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