LEVINCHY Chef’s Knife Review

Among all kinds of knives people use for preparing meals, a chef knife indeed has its value and significance. It lets the chefs and experts perform cutting, slicing, dicing, and chopping, (and whatnot) in ways that many others do not allow. Getting one from the market or online store can be challenging especially when there are several cool-looking sharp knives available. One has to consider numerous aspects, particularly weight, comfort, durability, and performance. To help you with the whole research, I have reviewed one of the top-rated products, that is, a Damascus knife by LEVINCHY. This name is popular for making high-end tools while meeting international standards.

In this post, I have tried to mention all the aspects of the LEVINCHY chef knife along with their advantages and limitations. I hope that you do not find it difficult to decide whether it is best suited to your requirements.

LEVINCHY Damascus Chef's Knife 8 inch Professional Handmade Damascus Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife, Superb Edge Retention, Stain & Corrosion Resistant, Ergonomic PAKKA Wood Handle
  • SUPER DAMASCUS STEEL - LEVINCHY damascus chef knife is made of high quality 67-layer super(HRC 60±2) damascus steel for...
  • PROFESSIONAL CHEF KNIFE - Hand finished with a mirror polish at 8-12° per side, it meets all the chef's requirements for the knife....
  • PAKKA WOOD HANDLE - Ergonomically PAKKA handle is very comfortable and doesn't slip easily when you are using. The right balanced...

LEVINCHY Damascus 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Construction And Design

When it comes to the construction of the blade, it is made of high-carbon steel with 67 coatings of Damascus steel on the cutting edge. The 10Cr15Mov steel inside the layers makes this blade outstandingly sturdy and wear-resistant. As its manufacturing involves efficient heating and forging. Its total thickness is 2mm which makes it perfect for cutting extremely thin slices of food items and contributes to the comfortable handling as well. This 7.5mm portion has cool water-ripple patterns which attract the user’s attention.

The material in the 5-inch handle is premium-quality pakka wood that is resistant to damage from water, heat, and other external stresses. It is broad enough so that chefs can hold it firmly without the possibility of slipping the handle from their hands. Craftsmen have polished it with a protective liquor that also gives it extra shine and appeal.

The product arrives in a beautiful black casing with the brand logo in gold and is protected through an eye-catching red suede material, which makes it perfect for gifting to your loved ones on occasions.


The Rockwell Hardness of 60±2 makes the blade exceptionally hard and allows it to function under great pressure. Also, the carbon steel material itself is known for durability, tensile strength, waterproof characteristics, and other attributes.

The weight of both parts of the knife, as well as the geometry, contribute to its well-balanced property which is beneficial in reducing the stress on the wrist and fingers and offers excellent grip for several hours. Thus, those who have just started cooking or learning this activity to pursue it as a career also find it convenient to work with this item.

In terms of the tuning of the blade, the finishing is done by hand at 8-12 degrees on both sides, which increases the precision. Moreover, it goes through traditional Japanese methods for achieving the objective of making it razor-sharp.


As the blade’s manufacturing involves efficient heating treatment and forging, it enhances strength and durability by removing all the impurities and achieving maximum purity. The combination of steel and carbon used in the blade is ideal for ensuring the best performance for a long period by withstanding large pressures and preventing the deformation.

Similarly, the pakka wood for building the handle also undergoes thorough procedures involving high force and temperature and is more ergonomic than most wood types used to make tools. Also, its surface resists the development of stains and you can easily remove any marks of food or oil after cutting. Another factor that enhances the durability of this wood is that it does not split or change shape after absorbing moisture since it is not a natural material, which distinguishes it from all wood types.

Its maintenance is extremely easy and involves cleaning it after every use and storing it in an appropriate place away from any strong acid bottles. Moreover, the sharpening of its blade after some months does not require much effort and time. Doing these activities and taking care of the product improves the longevity of the knife and enables you to experience outstanding results even after months of use.

Versatility And Suitability

While using a chef knife by LEVINCHY, you can deal with a range of food items, be it dicing the onions, chopping the fruits to make delight or salad, and slicing the beef for making tempting steak. From thick to fine slicing, you can prepare any kind of dish the way you have imagined it such as mouth-watering zucchini recipes.

I highly recommend it to home chefs, those who offer street food, and professional cooks in restaurants. Those who have to use it frequently might have to use an appropriate stone for sharpening more often than others.

Advantages And Limitations


  • Sturdy and compact wooden handle
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Wear-resistant carbon steel
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Medium price
  • Comfortable handling
  • Ergonomic
  • Unique design on the blade
  • Safety pin for securing fingers
  • Ideal for chefs and beginners


  • Sensitive to very hard bones
  • Only laser-etched Damascus
  • Gets dull quickly when used regularly

Frequently Asked Questions About Knives

Can you sharpen knives yourself?

Yes, a person can sharpen the knife with a sharpening stone. However, it is necessary to follow steps or guidelines if you are doing it for the first time. It is better to master the skill by seeking help from a professional.

Do dishwashers damage sharp knives?

Some knives are dishwasher safe, while others, particularly ceramic ones, are not since their blades are softer and brittle. Hence, these items can get damaged and dull.

What types of knives are used most commonly?

Among different kinds of knives, chef’s knives are the most common and preferred by people due to their multi-purpose properties.

Final Thoughts

In this piece of writing, I have mentioned and discussed various aspects of the LEVINCHY chef knife briefly to assist people who are considering buying one for themselves or gifting it to food enthusiasts. Though you might not notice the same degree of performance as shown by premium-quality Japanese knives, this chef knife still produces amazing results at an impressive cost and helps you for years. So you won’t regret making this budget-friendly choice.

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