Mishcdea Mini Rice Cooker Review

When it comes to preparing different rice types such as brown and white rice, one cannot deny the importance of having a suitable rice cooker that helps develop the desired texture and flavor. Many readers might be getting into cooking rice recipes, while others are searching for a quality product after working with a conventional gas cooker for a long period. When it comes to manufacturing cooking items and excelling in this field, Mishcdea is a popular and reliable brand. Among several successful releases, the Mishcdea Mini Rice cooker also makes its place in consumers’ hearts.

In this piece of writing, I have tried my best to discuss this rice cooker from every perspective and tried to cover all aspects briefly. I hope this review helps you decide if it’s worth the purchase.

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Mishcdea HZ-M2L Mini Rice Cooker And Steamer

Design And Construction

In terms of the construction of the Mishcdea rice cooker, the manufacturers have ensured that the material they utilize is highly strong and durable. The outer is made of wear-resistant steel. To improve its longevity, it is coated with white powder. For the safety of people, two broad handles stay cool while cooking rice. Thus, the cooker can be lifted and moved conveniently. The front includes a digital touch setting which starts the preparation with a single touch.

It is convenient to remove the inner pot, which has non-stick material on its boundaries and the bottom. The steamer tray fits easily inside this cooking container and is made from BPA-free material. The whole assembly is covered by a heat-resistant tempered glass lid from the top.

Moreover, the package also provides you with a measuring cup for keeping the rice quantity in check and a sturdy rice scoop. This paddle allows you to stir the rice without using much force, clean the pot in no time, and do not scratch the walls.

When it comes to the appearance and weight of the product, this cooker is available in a range of pastel colors including aqua tea pink and white, and darker ones including red, grey, and black. The entire unit weighs 1kg or approximately 2 pounds and features a minimalistic design.


The working staff at Mishcdea has included multiple attributes and qualities in their mini rice cooker which prepares any kind of rice faster than a majority of models available in the market. For instance, you can cook one cup of white rice in this product in about 10 minutes, while a traditional cooker takes double the time to thoroughly cook this amount.

Different kinds of rice that you can enjoy through this cooker are white rice, brown rice, soft rice, and glutinous rice. Though the title of this item indicates that it only cooks rice, this product does wonders in making several other dishes as well. Fond of having oatmeal for breakfast? No worries when you have got this item in your kitchen.

Relish meat and vegetable soup, veggies, seafood, stew, boiled eggs, pasta, and a range of deserts while using the opportunity to prepare baby food for children in your family. Don’t get surprised when you serve a lot of food items cooked in this product to your guests and they cannot stop taking spoonfuls of rice presented with veggies.

Another convenience that this rice cooker provides is that it saves a lot of time by preparing more than one item at the same time. With efficient steam technology, one can present a complete meal in one cycle. While the rice is getting steamed in one portion of the pot, you get to cook vegetables and meat items such as poultry in the basket which adds the aroma and brings out the perfect flavor while keeping the beneficial nutrients in the food.

Cleaning any product, especially cooking items is an important aspect, which lets you consume healthy meat every time and use that product for several months without facing major issues. Since this rice cooker includes a detachable container with non-toxic and non-stick material, maintenance and cleaning of the components get extremely convenient and there is no risk of toxicity in the meal involved. Furthermore, the heating mechanism distributes the heat equally to all sides of food and facilities in achieving the degree of cooking one desire with minimal chances of undercooking or overcooking.

The labels, ‘warm’ with green light and ‘cook’ with red light help you detect once the food gets prepared and enters the warming phase. In addition, it can retain the heat inside the edibles for a maximum of 12 hours, while maintaining the nutritional value as well.

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The Mishcdea rice cooker runs with electricity and requires just 120 volts to give 300-watt output. You can easily connect it with the socket on the wall via an insulated cable that conducts electricity without damaging the coating.

Preparing Capacity And Suitability

The cooking capacity of the Mishcdea rice cooker is 0.8 liters, which means it can prepare 3 cups of perfect rice from one-and-half cups. This aspect makes it suitable for a family of 3-4 members.

The item’s weight, easy-to-clean system, and the quality of keeping the food warm for several hours make it perfect for carrying it to camping sites and workplaces as well as for relishing the food while traveling. As it does involve complicated and fancy controls to run and work, beginners can also try using this product without having any difficulty.

Advantages And Limitations


  • Easy to start and run
  • Attractive price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Safe to use
  • Non-reactive walls in pot
  • Multi-purpose cooking
  • Keeps rice warm for hours
  • Easy monitoring through lid
  • Prepares food items simultaneously
  • Requires less space
  • Saves electric energy
  • Non-reactive material


  • Not suitable for large families
  • Rice can come out from the vent
  • Not resistant to intense heat

Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Cookers

Do rice cookers cook brown rice?

Yes, rice cookers can prepare brown rice efficiently.

How much water do you use to cook brown rice in a cooker?

The volume of water required to cook brown rice depends on the quantity you want to prepare. Generally, you add almost half the amount of water to the quantity of cooked rice.

What is the science behind the rice cooker?

Some rice cookers warm the food items by transferring them from the electric plate to the pan. Others use alternating current from the electric source to receive heat.

Final Thoughts

Mishcdea mini rice cooker is best for cooking a variety of healthy and tempting dishes in a few minutes to be served to a small-scale family. I hope that this 5-minutes-read has facilitated you in getting familiar with this product.

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