Mitsumoto Sakari Sharpening Stone Review

Got a lot of knives that have become dull and their blades need to come to life again? A knife is one of the important components of cutlery used to prepare food items for cooking. With time, blades start to lose their effectiveness, particularly those which you have been using for a while. Here, sharpening stones assist chefs in renewing rough knives so that they can continue to use them without discarding them. Mitsumoto, a popular and beloved Japanese brand, develops a range of durable and high-performance knives and sharpening stones with various grit numbers.

This review is focused on different features of a Mitsumoto Sakari sharpening stone from its build-up to its plus and negative points to help you know this product in and out. Here’s hoping that this read helps you make the final decision about selecting a stone.

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Mitsumoto Sakari Japanese Knife Sharpening Stone


The Mitsumoto Sakari Japanese whetstone comes in a simple yet elegant box with the company’s logo printed in black. The product is made of white corundum or aluminum oxide that skilled workers polished to give it a smooth and shiny texture. The whole unit is a combination of stones with two grit numbers: the white part with more thickness is 1000 grit (coarse grit), while the thinner brown part is 3000 grit (fine grit). The stone is 180mm long with a width of 60milimeter square.

To contain and support the stone, it is fitted on a strong wooden base made from natural bamboo. This seat has an area of 18,900mMoreover, the support also includes TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) rubber strips. This material is a type of resin and a mixture of rubber and plastic. The whole item has a medium weight of 772g. You will observe the Japanese symbol on both the stone and the base which adds to the visual appeal of the item.


Since the stone can be used from both sides, it lets you use any side according to your requirement and situation. The white coarse portion is perfect for repairing and resuscitating extremely dull blades that you have not taken out from your drawer for several months.

Before use, you just have to soak the product in water for at least 5 minutes so that it gets ready to be utilized. Then, place the knife at an angle between 15-20 degrees and start sharpening the knife. For finely tuning your tools that don’t need much effort and aggressive back-and-forth sliding, the brown portion comes in handy. Flip the stone and you will be able to notice a prominent change in a maximum of 10 minutes.

The material of the base offers great friction and keeps the stone stable while you are working. This attribute not only minimizes the chances of errors in sharpening at a certain angle but also promotes safety when your hand is too close to the dangerous blades. The gasket with this support is also made from anti-slip rubber that helps you apply the same pressure continuously on the knife and improves the balance of the product.


On the Mohs scale, the mineral corundum scores 9, which means it is extremely strong and hard. This property also contributes to its longevity and makes this substance one of the most common selections for sharpening the blades and manufacturing sandpaper.

The casing that fits in a wooden box is made to be highly resistant to external pressures including heat and has the excellent elastomeric property that allows the rubber to retain its shape without getting broken or deforming.

When it comes to the base, the bamboo is known for its elasticity which does not disturb the dimensions of the support due to the temperature changes of the atmosphere. Furthermore, it is naturally resistant to UV light which enhances its durability to a great degree. The worst problem that one might have to face with any item is the growth of mold which makes it nearly impossible to cover the product. In this case, you won’t have to worry about it since the wood also has amazing antifungal properties.

Versatility And Suitability

The Mitsumoto Sakari stone is an excellent choice for people who either love to prepare a variety of recipes for the whole family or cook dishes in restaurants. Since this is a whetstone or water stone, it gives you convenience in getting the stone in an appropriate condition for use and saves you from arranging oils. The knives that can be tuned by this item include a chef’s knife, paring knife, cheese knife, hunting knife, carving knife, fillet knife, and many others.

Advantages And Limitations


  • High-quality corundum
  • Attractive price
  • The durable and sturdy stone
  • Suitable for multiple knives
  • Easy to use
  • Higher grit numbers
  • Wear-resistant base
  • Assists safe sharpening
  • Manual for using the item


  • Extremely hygroscopic wood
  • Strong chemicals damage support

Frequently Asked Questions About Sharpening Stones

Do you wet a stone before sharpening a knife?

Yes, a majority of stones are whetstones and need to absorb some water for a few minutes. Others perform better when you submerge them in oils such as vegetable oils.

How does sharpening a knife work?

Knife blade sharpening involves sliding the knife at a particular angle against an abrasive and hard material such as a stone, or a relatively flexible material, like a sand grit paper. This activity removes the dull areas which improve the texture of the cutting edge.

What materials are sharpening stones made of?

Some common and best materials which function as sharpening stones include corundum or aluminum oxide, silicon carbide (a kind of ceramic), and diamond-coated metals.

Final Thoughts

Mitsumoto Sakari knife sharpening stone is a versatile product that is developed with the best quality materials to ensure the outcome people desire. At this price tag, it is a wonderful product that one can choose for the maintenance of an entire collection of knives. I hope that you have found this penning beneficial and comprehensive and have gone through the details you were looking for.

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