SANDEWILY Knife Set Review

Looking for a set of high-quality kitchen knives under a limited budget? Nowadays, several cool-looking and sharp kitchen knives are available in the market, the prices of which differ hugely.  It is a common understanding that the costs increase the quality and performance of these items. However, this might not be the case every time. Here, it gets challenging to make a decision that you won’t regret later. Fortunately, there are still some brands available such as SANDEWILY which develop sturdy and razor-sharp knives at affordable prices. This name specializes in making efficient cutlery for chefs.

In this piece of writing, I have tried to cover all the factors about the knives set SANDEWILY has been offering. It includes a chef knife, a paring knife, and a cutting knife. Continue to read and figure out if you should give this beautiful package a chance.

Professional Kitchen Knives High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set,3PCS Ultra Sharp Japanese Knife with Sheath,Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle Elegant Gift Box for Home or Restaurant
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Professional Kitchen Knives High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set,3PCS Ultra Sharp Japanese Knife with Sheath,Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle Elegant Gift Box for Home or Restaurant
  • 🔪【Professional Kitchen Knife Set】SANDEWILY 3PCS chef knife set include a 8-inch chef knife,a 7.5-inch cutting knife,and a 5-inch...
  • 🍉【Comfortable Use】The handle is made from Pakka wood,and the knife neck and tail are designed with steel cushion. The firm and...
  • 🍖【High Quality Steel】Our chef knives are made from the German high-quality high carbon stainless steel,the blade has high...

SANDEWILY Professional Kitchen Knives Set

Construction And Design

Three knives of multiple sizes come in a protective package of classic black color: a chef’s knife with an 8-inch long blade, a Japanese Santoku knife having a 7.5-inch long blade, and a small paring knife with a 5-inch long blade. The blade material is sturdy carbon stainless steel which was brought from Germany. This component of the product is layered with multiple wear-resistant coatings to increase its longevity.

When it comes to the shapes of the blades, the chef knife is pointed and appears like a shark’s fin. The staff has formed the blade of the paring knife; it is broader from the above near the tip and more slanting at the bottom. I would say it is highly similar to the steak knife. The cutting knife, on the other hand, has the same shape as the cheese knife, but with sharper edges. All these blades have an attractive wood pattern all over the surface.

The handles of these tools are made of dark brown pakkawood, which is made from a combination of wood and some plastic. In all the knives, the weight of these parts perfectly balances the weight of the blade. The skilled labor has polished these handles with a lacquer that protects the material and adds some shine as well.


The weights and other dimensions of the handle and blade are perfectly balanced and the geometry of the whole assembly allows you to cut or slice the food items for several minutes without exerting much pressure on your wrist and fingers.

The cutting edge is finely tuned with 8-12 degrees sharpness on both sides, while the manufacturers have developed the blade to be super hard with Rockwell Hardness of 56±2. Both these characteristics allow you to use minimum force and easily slice the thick food items in no time such as meaty beef while making clean cuts.

Another worth-mentioning property is the additional coatings of steel on the blade which not only improve the performance of the knives but also promote convenience in maintenance due to dishwater-safe materials.


The stainless steel material with some percentage of carbon in the blade makes it ultra-strong with exceptional cutting ability. This quality is enhanced to a great degree by the coatings that lead to an exceptionally damage-resistant material, be it heat exposure, alkali and acid exposure, or water contact. This feature results in a product that is highly durable.

However, it is necessary to avoid keeping the blades wet for several minutes since it can result in the development of stains. Furthermore, one should keep cleaning the knife after each use which will retain the features for a long period.

As the handles of knives consist of artificial wood and have less content than the natural material, it does not crack and break with the passage of time and ensures safe handling while you are preparing vegetables, fruits, or meat items.

Versatility And Suitability

The knives that come in the SANDEWILY box are excellent for dealing with a wide range of foods. You won’t need other kitchen knives if you have just these three products in your collection. The paring knife is suitable for cutting, peeling, and chopping fruits and vegetables efficiently.

The Santoku one gives amazing results when you want to achieve excellence in getting thin slices and is ideal for preparing seafood, chicken recipes, barbeques, and steaks. On the other hand, a chef’s knife is known for its versatility and you can take it out of the drawer for any kind of preparation. Both the larger knives can be used interchangeably.

Advantages And Limitations


  • Sturdy and water-proof handle
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly item
  • Comfortable and convenient handling
  • Ergonomic
  • Unique pattern on the blade
  • Safety spot for securing fingers
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners


  • Sensitive to very hard bones
  • Can rust when moisture stays

Frequently Asked Questions About Knives

How do you clean a stained knife blade?

One can remove stains from a knife blade by filling a glass with white vinegar and submerging the blade completely in the liquid. Wait for approximately 5 minutes and then remove the rust or other marks by gently rubbing the scrub.

How do you clean stainless steel blades?

One can clean the stainless steel blade of a knife by rinsing it with just hot water or using dish soap as well if there is no precaution or safety instruction for it. Then, dry the blade with a soft cotton cloth rather than leaving it to air dry.

Can you cut food with a utility knife?

Yes, one can cut a lot of food items such as sausage, fish, chicken, and fruits with a utility knife. However, this is smaller than a chef’s knife which means its cutting ability gets restricted under great pressure or load.

Final Thoughts

The SANDEWILY professional knives set is suitable for home chefs, beginners, and those who are learning to cook delicious dishes. I highly recommend testing these tools especially if you want to increase the cutlery with some strong and durable items at attractive prices. These can be also beneficial for learners who are considering trying different knives and comparing their results.

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