What To Eat With Takoyaki?

Among multiple famous Japanese seafood recipes such as sushi and sashimi, takoyaki has been able to make its position in peoples’ hearts as well. Some readers must have noticed several kinds of food items in the takoyaki images or recipe guides. Moreover, if you want to prepare this dish at home, it gets important to get familiar with the possible combinations of toppings and sauces. These savory golden octopus balls, though have a distinct traditional recipe, involve a lot of fun ways to experiment with and create the best flavors.

Conventionally, chefs present Takoyaki with a Takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, and garnishes, particularly aonori or seaweed flakes and bonito. However, there are some versions other than the Osaka recipe that also make the crispy balls incredibly amazing and enhance the taste.

In this blog post, I have included some excellent food items that you and your loved ones can eat with takoyaki which will also make it convenient for you to select from the combinations according to the availability of ingredients.

Conventional Combination Of Foods With Takoyaki

The original way in which street vendors and chefs in Japanese restaurants serve takoyaki involves using Takoyaki sauce or Worcestershire sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, dried bonito or fish flakes as well as dried seaweed (aonori). The garnishes work perfectly in adding to the crunch due to the octopus chunks in the balls, while the drizzled mayonnaise and sauce give various flavors (particularly salty) to the dish and make it creamy.

One can easily prepare takoyaki sauce by arranging garlic cloves, corn flour dissolved in water, tomato sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar. In another version that incorporates Worcestershire sauce, you will just require this dipping, dissolved cornflour, and soy sauce.

Alternative Combinations With Takoyaki

Japanese Curry Powder And Parmesan Cheese

Another awesome pairing you can test with the golden-brown octopus balls includes using Japanese curry powder, parmesan cheese, and Kewpie mayonnaise. Kewpie mayonnaise is readily available in online stores as well as shopping marts. This substance is different from regular mayo in a way that manufacturers only utilize egg yolks that result in yellow color and fatty sensation in the mouth.

In case you do not have this ingredient, you can opt for the mayonnaise packet in your fridge as well. When it comes to another exotic ingredient, that is parmesan cheese, takes the experience to another level when you sprinkle some on the tender balls. If you have run out of this cheese or have mozzarella cheese stored in your fridge, you can go for it too which works wonders when melted.

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Takoyaki With Okonomiyaki Sauce

Okonomiyaki sauce poured on takoyaki balls is the second most common combination after the traditional recipe for cooking it. Here, the garnishes are the same but you just replace takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise with okonomiyaki. The simplest recipe for making this mixture consists of only four materials: ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar.

Additional ingredients that a majority of people enjoy in this dipping are mushrooms, kelp, vegetables (such as ginger), and fruits. Your taste buds are going to feel numerous flavors, especially mild and pleasantly sweet tastes with some spice, and smoky and hot savor.

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Kewpie Mayonnaise, Seaweed, And Salt

Combining takoyaki balls with dried aonori flakes, some salt, and Kewpie mayonnaise is the simplest and minimalistic pairing. Presenting the meatballs this way is termed ‘Hyuga style’. You get to enjoy salty and earthy savor with a perfect degree of crunchiness and creamy texture.

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Takoyaki With Matcha Salt

Matcha salt is a delicious blend of green tea powder (matcha) and sea salt. Though it does not take much time to prepare, this seasoning contributes to a prominent flavor and is used to sprinkle over tempura, baked treats, chicken dishes, and vegetables. This salt works best with fried and grilled food items. Therefore, this quality makes it suitable for fried takoyaki balls as well.

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Takoyaki With Citrusy Ponzu Dipping

Octopus balls with citrusy ponzu sauce are served in several regions of Japan. If you and your family and friends are a fan of the tangy taste, I highly suggest trying this pairing. Ponzu dipping is a mixture of mirin, citrus juice, bonito flakes, rice vinegar, and kelp. Some chefs also add dashi and soy sauce. Now imagine the outcome of combing these items and then pouring the sauce on crispy balls.

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Takoyaki With Goma Dare Sauce

The main ingredient that goes into the Goma Dare sauce is sesame. This Japanese word means ‘sesame’. You might be familiar with its association with Shabu Shabu or have tried it before as a dressing on some dish. This seasoning also goes well with takoyaki. It is made from soy sauce, tahini, rice vinegar, sugar, dashi powder, Kewpie mayonnaise, miso paste as well as sesame oil.

It makes sense to assume that it can be difficult to make this combination yourself often since some of the ingredients of the sauce are not readily available in the stores. However, I recommend trying it when some restaurant or diner offers this pairing on a menu. When something is not that common, it is better to try it and avail the opportunity as soon as you find it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Takoyaki

What is takoyaki pan called?

Takoyaki pan is also called takoyaki nabe. Its material is cast iron and includes semi-circular molds on each end.

What is the diameter of takoyaki?

Generally, the diameter of an octopus ball is approximately one inch.

What does takoyaki look like?

The takoyaki dish consists of small circular-shaped structures that appear crispy with a smooth surface.

Final Thoughts

The old recipe of takoyaki involves presenting it with BBQ sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce, and specific toppings. With time, chefs and professionals invented a lot of pairings that are now as beloved as the original combination with octopus balls. I highly recommend trying out each of the pairings with octopus balls that will introduce you to a new world of salty and sweet sauces and toppings. Knowing different ways to complete the meal with takoyaki and chill drinks will also help you master the skill gradually and receive immense appreciation at gatherings and parties as well.

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